IELTS masks

IELTS Video: How to Ask the Masked Examiner to Speak Louder

The requirement of wearing masks has added a complication to the IELTS Speaking exam! It can be hard to understand someone behind a face mask. If you can’t understand the Examiner, you definitely need to let them know! It is their responsibility to make sure… Read More

talk about future English calendar with coffee cup and pen

AEE 1525: How To Refer To The Future Like A Native In English

Do you ever hear people talking about the future in English? Have you ever wondered if there are specific ways to talk about things that will happen in the future? There are the things that will happen immediately or right away, and then there are… Read More

English culture woman smiling with glasses

AEE 1524: Why You Should Not Tell A Woman To Smile

Do you feel pressure to smile a lot? Do you think women are expected to smile more than men? We spoke about this recently, and we then decided it would be a great topic to dive into today. We’re looking at how women tend to… Read More