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how to wish someone good luck in English

AEE 963: Break a Leg! How to Encourage People in English

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make a polite request in English

AEE 962: How to Make a Polite Request When the Stakes Are High

Have you ever had to make a polite request? Do you want to know how to politely ask for something in English? Are you wondering if there are certain things to say to get people to help you in a specific way? We’re going to… Read More

AEE 961: How to Describe Your Style and Flair in English

Do you have your own style? Are there things that make you unique or special? Do you want to know how to express things about your style in English? We’re going to look at different terms that talk about style and how you can use… Read More

AEE 960: That’s Neat! Should You Add This Word to Your Vocabulary?

Have you heard somebody say “that’s neat” in English before? Is this confusing since you might associate “neat” with tidy or clean? Have you found yourself wondering if this is another slang term that you aren’t used to hearing? We’re going to look at when… Read More