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how to talk about productivity style in English

AEE 959: What’s Your Productivity Style? How to Talk About It in English

Do you tend to put things off sometimes? Do you save the hardest tasks for last or get them done first? Do you want to know how to express putting things off in English? We all have different ways of getting things done and this… Read More

temperature and personality in English

AEE 958: The Coolest Ways to Talk About Temperature and Personality

Do you ever hear somebody say that something is “cool” in English? Is this hard to understand because you’re thinking of something being “cold” in terms of temperature? Do you want to understand the difference and be able to use both correctly? We’re going to… Read More

how to study English

AEE 957: 3 Ways to Make English First In Your Mind

How can you respond quickly and stop repeating only what you hear? How can we speak naturally in English without a delay? How can you work at building fluency, speed, and spontaneity? We’re going to look at how you can become a fluent English speaker… Read More

how to talk about daylight in English

AEE 956: How to Spice Up Your Typical Weather Conversations in English

Do you have a favorite season or time of year? Have you heard others talk about their favorite time of year in English? When the sun is out longer in the spring and summer months, it’s quite common to hear people talk about daylight. Being… Read More

AEE 955: How to Express Your Opinion When It’s Lukewarm in English

Have you ever had an average experience? Do you ever wonder how to say that something was just average in English? Have you heard other expressions for the word “average” and felt unsure of how and when to use them? We’re going to look at… Read More