AEE 1239: The Perfect Conditions to Use Conditionals in English

Are you starting to understand conditionals in English? They can be confusing but if you focus on the right things you can learn how to use them. We are going to be wrapping up our series on the conditionals with this final review in today’s… Read More

AEE 1238: Quit Horsing Around and Listen Today!

Are you a fan of horses? Did you know that in American culture a lot of English idioms and expressions are about horses? Americans use these idioms all of the time in daily English conversations. We’re going to look at what these horse idioms are,… Read More

AEE 1237: English in the Wild! Getting Traction in Native Conversations

Have you heard some things in conversation in English that don’t make sense? Do you ever hear words that are connected and sound like one word when you know they really aren’t? This is a perfect example of connected speech and the way that we… Read More

AEE 1236: Don’t Make These English Mistakes with Countable and Uncountable Nouns

When you speak another language and are busy trying to connect with others, do you realize that you make mistakes with grammar? Do you struggle with certain grammar issues when you are speaking fast in English? It’s easy to have this happen since there is… Read More