AEE 1205: What Do Boats and Sarcasm Have in Common?

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AEE 1204: That’s Too Bad! How to Show Your Sympathy Depending on the Situation in English

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AEE 1202: Surprising New Insight on How to Build Your Social Circle

Do you prefer to have a few very close friends or many acquaintances? There’s no right or wrong, but many people prefer to have a few close friends! Some good friends are great, but it’s also great to have more meaningful relationships. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1201: What a Nightmare! How to Support Someone When They Complain

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AEE 1200: How to Not Get Bogged Down with Conditionals

Have you ever heard somebody talk about or use an “if/then” statement? Do you struggle with conditionals and tough grammar forms in English? We’re going to look at what these are today, how they work, and what the best ways to use them in conversation… Read More