how to use AEE archives

AEE 1017: 3 Inspiring Ways to Dig Into AEE Archives

Do you find the amount of content in the AEE archives to be a bit overwhelming? Do you want to look at old episodes but feel unsure how to do that? If you want to learn new things in speaking English, the archives can be… Read More

how to give bad news in english using alas, unfortunately

AEE 1016: How To Introduce Bad News Using Alas, Unfortunately, and More

Have you heard somebody try to convey disappointment in conversation? Have you ever heard the word “alas” used in this way? If you have heard such words then you know that they aren’t used often, but they tend to convey negative feelings in some way…. Read More

English phrase make my day

AEE 1015: What Would Make Your Day? How to Use This Phrase to Describe What Brings You Happiness

Do you have something that really makes your day? Have you heard people say that something makes their day and felt unclear about what this meant? This is one of those common phrases in English, but you want to be sure you understand it. We’re… Read More

american culture street donations

AEE 1014: The Culture of Street Donations in the US and What to Say

Do you feel as if there are a lot of places looking for donations in the United States? Do you often feel like you’re asked to donate to several charities all on the same day? It seems that when you walk around town,  there  are… Read More

English study dictation how to do it right

AEE 1013: Why Dictation Is a Golden Oldie If You Do It Right

Have you ever considered dictation as a way of learning English? Should you be using dictation when listening to a podcast to learn English? If you have ever considered dictation, then you know that it’s all about what you can do to improve speaking English… Read More