AEE 1118: Why Would the Founding Fathers Be Rolling Over in Their Graves?

Have you heard phrases used about death? Have you heard phrases that sound like they are about death but seem confusing? Have you ever heard somebody use the phrase “rolling over in their grave”? This can be a confusing phrase, and we’re going to help… Read More

AEE 1117: Make Your Exit Memorable from Your Next English Conversation

Have you ever wondered how to end a conversation in English? Do you just say goodbye or should there be something more? We put so much emphasis on starting up a conversation, but how you end it matters greatly if you want to maintain a… Read More

AEE 1116: Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Daylight savings time is Sunday in the United States! Do you know what this is all about? There are two times per year where we change the clocks, and it can be confusing even for natives. Understanding how this all works can help you to… Read More

AEE 1115: Mom Or Mother? Dad or Father? Which One Should You Use?

When is the last time you were talking about your mom and dad in conversation in English? Do you ever hear how others refer to their mom and dad in English? Do you feel unsure which term to use when you are talking about them?… Read More

AEE 1114: How to Relax and Take It All In

Have you ever used the phrase “take it all in” when you speak English? Do you know what this represents in English? Ultimately this is a phrase about slowing down and enjoying what is going on around you. We live in such a fast paced… Read More