AEE 152: Are People Who Study or Work Abroad Smarter?

Are people who study or work abroad smarter? A recent Time magazine article says yes!  Today you’re going to learn how living in a different culture can make you more intelligent.  You will also learn some ways to do this in your own country!  … Read More

AEE 151: English Puns You Can Use at a Party

Do you like to tell jokes at parties? Would you like to be able to tell a few jokes in English? Today you’ll learn how to play with words and have a lot of “pun”! What is a pun? It’s a creative use of the… Read More

AEE 150: Let Go of Your Grammar Obsession and Speak English like a Native

Today you’ll learn how to let go of your grammar mistakes and your obsession with perfection and you’ll learn how to finally speak like a native! Today we have Idahosa Ness who is the founder of the Mimic Method and he helps learners reach fluency… Read More

AEE 149: Practical Alternative Phrases for Saying “I’m Sorry”

Yesterday we asked the question, “should you apologize?” and we asked you if you are apologizing and saying sorry too much. Today we want to give you some practical, alternative phrases for saying “I’m sorry” if you decide that you are in the right place… Read More

AEE 148: Sorry, Not Sorry? Think Twice About Your Speech Habits

Do you say “sorry” too much in English or in your native language? In today’s episode you’ll find out why you might not want to always say “sorry” and you’ll hear from Lindsay and her co-host about their different opinions on how and when to… Read More