AEE 50: Breakfast Success in the US – How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Today you will learn how to eat a smart breakfast and how to avoid gaining weight while you are living in the US! We have a breakfast culture in the US! We both love to eat breakfast. What are some typical breakfast foods in the… Read More

AEE 49: The Power of Thought on Your English Skills

Find out how to become a better English speaker by overriding negative mind patterns! Learn how your English skills can be improved based on your the way you think. Today is a Deep Thoughts Thursday! Here is the quote: “All that we are is the… Read More

AEE 48: Are YOU the Problem? How to Learn English if You are Shy

Are you having trouble with your English? Are you shy? What can you do if the problem is YOU?!?! Today you will learn how to get over your shyness if you are trying to learn English in the US if you aren’t seeing the progress… Read More

AEE 47: How to Order a Coffee and a Pizza in English

Do you want to know how to order street food like a native English speaker? Don’t go hungry when you are in the US! Listen to today’s podcast and role play between the AEE co-hosts while we pretend to order pizza and coffee in English… Read More

AEE 46: Fughedaboudit! 4 New York City English Slang Words

Today you’ll learn some New York City English slang with Michael from Happy English! We are so excited to have an awesome guest on the show for you today. Michael will teach us 4 “street” English words from New York City plus you’ll learn how… Read More