AEE IELTS: The Resources You Like and the Preparation You Need

Do you need resources to prepare for the IELTS exam? Today, Lindsay and Jessica talk about three creative practice recommendations, and three textbooks to help you prepare for the IELTS exam! Preparation for the IELTS can feel overwhelming.  It’s difficult to narrow down the best ways to practice, and the best textbooks for studying. … Read More

AEE 253: Update Your English! 7 Ways to Sound More Natural When You Greet People in English

Does your English sound natural? Or do you sound like a textbook when you speak? Today, get 7 tricks to update your English and sound more natural by using real talk instead of textbook talk!   Speaking natural-sounding English can be difficult when you only work with… Read More

AEE Bonus! 3 Days Left to Enroll in the italki Language Challenge

Are you ready for an italki challenge to push your language-learning forward in 2015? Today, learn how to take action and bet on yourself with an amazing opportunity!   Every challenge you face is like putting a bet on yourself.  But the only way to… Read More

AEE 252: How to Be Charismatic in American English

Do you know how important it is to be charismatic in American English? Today, Lindsay and Michelle talk about why it’s important, and give you three ways to be charismatic in English!   A lot of a person’s success in America depends on their personality.  If you’re… Read More