AEE 126: Does American Optimism Annoy You? 5 Phrases Used by the Optimist

Does American optimism annoy you? A lot of Americans tend to see the “bright side” of things. Why is this? Where does optimism show up in American English? Where does it show up in our intonation and our expressions? Optimistic expressions in English: To look… Read More

AEE 125: What’s My English Level?

What’s your English level? Do you ever ask this question? Today you’ll find out how to figure out your English level and you’ll hear what we have to say about the importance of knowing your level. We got this question from one of our listeners…. Read More

AEE 124: Real Life Radio Podcast on How to Live English Not Just Learn It

Today Chad from Real Life Radio Podcast is here! Chad is going to show us how to live English and not just learn it. Chad has three keys to real life English fluency that he is going to share with us today. Listen to this… Read More

AEE 123: Look Up to Make American Friends

Today find out how to “look up” and make more American friends in the United States! In the United States, we spend a lot of time with our phones when we are out in public like on the train, on the street, or in a… Read More

AEE 122: Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast and How to Be Funny in English

Today you’ll meet Luke from Luke’s English Podcast! Luke is a funny guy and a comedian and he’ll teach you how to be funny in English. Learn three different kinds of humor in English and how to avoid the embarrassment of telling a bad joke… Read More