AEE 161: Presentation Panic?! How to Take Control of Q&A in English

Do you panic during English presentations? Do you worry about losing control when the question and answer session comes up? Are you worried that you won’t be able to understand the questions from the audience? For non-native English speakers, the question and answer period of… Read More

AEE 160: No Idea How to Network in English? 3 Phrases to Help You

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AEE 159: 3 Ways to be a Motivated English Learner

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AEE 158: How to Use Facebook Groups to Find English-speaking Friends

Learning a new language is not easy!  Books and classes can help.  But without real conversation, you might work very hard to make slow progress. This is because our brains learn language naturally through conversation.  Conversation is the key! Today we talk with Kevin, creator… Read More

AEE 157: Announcement! TOP 15 FIXES for Your Biggest Mistakes

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