AEE 243: How a New York Painter Reached the Top and How You Can Too

How do you persist in learning English? Do you expect it to ever get easier? Today, learn how a New York-based painter went from poverty to riches by sticking with it, and how you can achieve success by following his example!   A New York… Read More

AEE 242: Why Hollywood Is Not Always Holly-GOOD for Your English

Can movies cause problems in speaking natural English? Today, find out why mimicking phrases from movies can make it difficult to have natural-sounding English conversations!   Hollywood is drama.  Its stories are fiction.  This means that the language used by characters is often unrealistic. Because… Read More

AEE 241: Could You Listen? Would You Listen? You Should Listen!

Do you have trouble using English modals? Today, Lindsay and Michelle give you three crazy role-plays to understand when to use should, could and would!   Correct use of modals like should, could and would can be confusing.  All three deal with time and possibility, and… Read More