AEE 111: Why You’ll Never Learn Everything in English

Today you’ll find out why you’ll never learn everything in English…and why that’s ok! We will show you why you need to focus on your specific goals. Why are you learning English? Do you want to be a medical translator? Do you want to be… Read More

AEE 110: Do you Feel Clueless? How to Survive in Fast-Paced Native English Speaker Situations

Do you often feel clueless? Do you want to know how to survive in fast-paced native English speaker situations? In today’s episode you’ll five gems of wisdom to show you what to do when you feel clueless in a group of native English speakers. How… Read More

AEE 109: When NOT to Use the Verb “to Meet” in English

It’s time to kill one of the old mistakes that you have been making for years! Today we will show you when NOT to use the verb “to meet” in English.   To Meet: You use the verb “to meet” when you are introduced to… Read More

AEE 108: What’s the Biggest Mistake You Can Make in English Without Even Talking?

What is the biggest mistake that you can make in English without even talking? Can you guess what it is? It’s close talking! Body language is super important not just in everyday conversations but it even matters in exams like the IELTS Speaking test. How… Read More

AEE 107: Find Motivation and Purpose After Your Life in the US

Today you’ll find out why re-entry, going home after living in the US, might be harder than you think. You’ll also learn how to find motivation and purpose after your life in the US. Are you going home soon after living in the US? Today… Read More