AEE 168: How to be the King or Queen of the Social Scene in English

Do you know how to socialize in English? Have you been to any social events lately? Today, we discuss three phrases that will help you be a smooth communicator at your next social event! Socializing is an art.   It’s important to be smooth and confident,… Read More

AEE 167: Can You Find Power in Your English Mistakes?

Can your English mistakes help you be a better English learner?  If so, why do we feel so vulnerable when we admit them? Today we talk about why your brain is still stuck in caveman days, and how it affects your English success! Brene Brown… Read More

AEE 166: 3 Ways Your Apartment Can Make You Successful in the US

Can your home make you successful in the US? Today we discuss 3 ways your apartment can make you successful in the U.S. Dr. Anne Copeland studies what makes international professionals and families successful when they live abroad.  Her research study “At Home Abroad” looked at… Read More

AEE 165: Listen or Hear in English? What’s the difference?

Do you listen or do you hear?  What’s the difference in English? Today, in #15 of our countdown of the Top 15 Fixes in English series, we’ll be discussing the difference between listen and hear, and how to think about them so you don’t mix… Read More

AEE 164: How Was Your Meal? 3 English Phrases TO GO

Today you’ll get 3 English meal phrases to dine with native speakers! Dining is a great time to socialize and connect. But you can’t just listen to yourself chewing food – you have to be active and engaged with others! But what do you talk… Read More