AEE 1366: Aussie English Slang Words with Pete Smissen

Have you ever heard slang words used differently in another type of English? Have you ever considered the difference between something like Australian English and American English? We have a special guest today, Pete Smissen from Aussie English, who is going to help us to… Read More

AEE 1365: The Health Battle from Coast to Coast in the US

Do you really take care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle? Do you put more emphasis on work life balance or do you work crazy hours? What you may not realize is that your mindset and your overall lifestyle may vary depending on where in… Read More

AEE 1364: Grammar Part 3: Tell a Story and Hook your Audience with Past Progressive

Have you heard somebody tell a good story in English? Have you wondered what made it a good story? Better yet, have you ever thought about what it takes to be a good storyteller? We’re going to look at what makes a good story, and… Read More

AEE 1362: Should You Be Using the Word Nother in English?

Have you heard somebody say “nother” in English? Is this one of those words that seems a bit confusing or as if there are other alternatives for? There are some words that work well only in conversation, and don’t really work in writing. If you… Read More