Andrea Giordano, Guest Interview

AEE 104: Andrea Giordano Explains Appalachian English and Living in Kentucky

What do you know about Appalachian English and the culture of Kentucky, USA? You probably know a lot about California, New York, or maybe even Texas, but did you know that there are other interesting regions in the United States like Appalachia? Today you’ll meet… Read More

personal branding in English

AEE 96: Why Personal Branding Matters for You as an English Speaker – Interview with Peter Sterlacci

Why does personal branding matter for you as an English speaker? Today you’ll meet Peter Sterlacci, an expert who can help you move your personal brand forward with two practical and free tools. What is a personal brand? A personal brand is your unique promise… Read More

how to end an English conversation

AEE 93: How to End an English Conversation in 5 Ways

Do you know how to end an English conversation? We’ll show you 5 ways to do it in today’s episode. Yesterday in our American role play conversation we talked about how you can know whether or not the invitation is real if someone says, “We… Read More

AEE 88: Schedule Shock in America – When to Eat, Work, and Sleep in the US

In today’s episode you will learn how to adjust to an American schedule if you are living in the US or visiting the US for business or vacation. Do you feel like the daily schedules here in the US are quite different than the typical… Read More

AEE 84: Do You Know How to be Happy? Learn 6 Idioms in English

Are you feeling HAPPY today? Have you listened to the new song by Pharrell Williams called Happy? If you haven’t heard the song yet, watch the video at the bottom of this post. It will change your mood for the entire day! We promise.  … Read More