AEE 251: English Quotes About How to Make your Mark

Are you making an impact? Today, get two quotes by two famous entrepreneurs, and learn how to talk about the impact you want to make on the world in 2015!   To impact, or make a difference, doesn’t require money or a stage.  Everything you… Read More

AEE 250: 3 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child with Bilingual Avenue Host Marianna Du Bosq

How do you raise a bilingual child? Today, Lindsay chats with Marianna Du Bosq, a bilingual educator who has three ways to help you raise your child to speak more than one language!   The benefits of raising a bilingual child are many.  Not only will knowing… Read More

AEE 248: 5 English Phrases to Declare Your New Year’s Resolutions

How do you declare a New Year’s resolution in English?  Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss five easy English phrases to use for your intentions in the new year!   Are you looking for a professional, native English teacher online? Get a native English teacher online in… Read More

AEE 245: 5 Weird Americanisms to Never Miss a Hollywood Line in English Again

Do you have trouble understanding American speech habits? In today’s Tear Up Your Textbook Tuesday, Lindsay and Michelle discuss 5 weird ways Americans use English, and how to understand what they’re saying!   It can be frustrating to watch a Hollywood movie in English and not understand… Read More

AEE 242: Why Hollywood Is Not Always Holly-GOOD for Your English

Can movies cause problems in speaking natural English? Today, find out why mimicking phrases from movies can make it difficult to have natural-sounding English conversations!   Hollywood is drama.  Its stories are fiction.  This means that the language used by characters is often unrealistic. Because… Read More