AEE 329: 3 Smart Tips for a Newcomer in the United States

Have you just relocated to the United States? Today we have a guest on the show who will give you 3 smart tips to have a great experience during your first few months in the United States. 3 tips for a newcomer: Always have a… Read More

AEE 328: Why Delayed Gratification Shouldn’t Scare You

Today we’ll talk about delayed gratification versus instant gratification. You’ll find out how you can use delayed gratification for better English skills and a better life overall. Here is today’s quote: “Today I will do the things that others won’t so that tomorrow I can… Read More

AEE 325: How to Unlock Your Dream Life

Today you’ll get 4 ways to craft a life that you love! Here is today’s quote: “Life is like a combination lock. Your job is to find the right numbers in the right order so you can have anything you want.” -Brian Tracy We like… Read More

AEE 324: 3 Tips to Thrive in the World of International Business Using English

Do you want to know how to thrive in the international business world? Today you’ll meet our guest who helps students succeed in the world of international business. Our guest Sean Watson will show you exactly how to become successful in business across cultures. You’ll… Read More

AEE 323: How to Introduce a Strong Opinion in English Like Obama

Do you want to command more respect when you share your opinion? Do you want people to listen to you? There are 4 phrases in English that you can use when you introduce an opinion that you feel strongly about. Here they are: “Look,…” “Listen,….”… Read More