AEE 224: Do You Have GRIT? Learn How to Develop It with Fortune 500 Executive Coach Sarah Scala

Do you have grit for learning English? Today, Lindsay talks with Sarah Scala about the importance of persistence, both in life and in learning English!    Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up after a setback, and keep going.  It’s an important ability, and it’s… Read More

AEE 223: Ask a Tennis Pro! How to Get the Ball in Your Court with Your English Conversation Skills

Is there a connection between tennis and learning English? What can it teach us? Today, Lindsay and Kristy talk about what they’ve learned about language learning from tennis lessons!   In tennis, as in many other sports, it’s critical that you persist.  You have to keep trying.  You… Read More

AEE 219: How to Truly Be Free with Your English Goals and Your Life

Are you free to follow your goals in life? Or are you afraid? Today, learn how freedom comes with fearlessness! There are so many things to be afraid of: loneliness, lack of money, professional failure or meaninglessness. Fears can overwhelm you.  But what if you have… Read More

AEE 216: Find Out Why Americans Don’t Want to Live at Home

Are you an adult living at home with your parents? Did you know that American culture discourages this? Today, find out why Americans feel compelled to move out of their family home at age 18 – even if they don’t have enough money to do… Read More

AEE 213: Do Yourself a Favor – Learn Make vs. Do in English

What’s the difference between do and make in English? Do you make something, or do you do it? Today, in #3 of our Top 15 Fixes, we talk about the difficulty of distinguishing when to use these two verbs!   Many English learners have difficulty using do… Read More