AEE 122: Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast and How to Be Funny in English

Today you’ll meet Luke from Luke’s English Podcast! Luke is a funny guy and a comedian and he’ll teach you how to be funny in English. Learn three different kinds of humor in English and how to avoid the embarrassment of telling a bad joke… Read More

AEE 117: The Easiest Way to Start a Conversation in English with a Stranger

What is the easiest way to start a conversation in English with a stranger? Today you’ll learn 8 phrases to start a conversation in English with someone new about their pet. Yesterday we talked about why Americans are crazy about their pets. To start a… Read More

AEE 116: Why Americans Are Pet Crazy

Do you know why Americans are pet crazy?! Have you noticed that Americans love their pets and spend a lot of money on them? They even consider them a part of the family. Luckily, this makes the topic of pets a great way to start… Read More

AEE 112: Participate or Die! How to Succeed in Class and Meetings in America

Want to know how to succeed in class and meetings in America? The key is participation! You HAVE to participate. Today we’ll tell you why Americans believe that it’s important to participate and how you can do it more often.   What can you do… Read More

AEE 108: What’s the Biggest Mistake You Can Make in English Without Even Talking?

What is the biggest mistake that you can make in English without even talking? Can you guess what it is? It’s close talking! Body language is super important not just in everyday conversations but it even matters in exams like the IELTS Speaking test. How… Read More