how to study English

AEE 957: 3 Ways to Make English First In Your Mind

How can you respond quickly and stop repeating only what you hear? How can we speak naturally in English without a delay? How can you work at building fluency, speed, and spontaneity? We’re going to look at how you can become a fluent English speaker… Read More

slow down in English conversations

AEE 954: How to Create a Speed Bump in Your English Conversations to Listen Better

Do you think it’s easier to understand a language or to speak it? When you hear people speaking in English, do you struggle to keep up? Some people find it easier to understand because you can pick up words. We’re going to look at how… Read More

How to speak English more naturally

AEE 953: Why Listening Strategies Plus Native Interviews Equal Connection

Do you want to start speaking English more naturally? Do you ever wonder how you can take your skills and apply them into something that is more natural? Do you want to gain confidence so that English can feel more normal to you in everyday… Read More

how to express an idea in English

AEE 952: How to Express Your Lightbulb Moments in English

Do you get excited when you have a good idea? Have you ever had a “light bulb” moment? Have you heard somebody say this in English and wondered what it meant? Do you want to know how to get people interested in your ideas when… Read More

urban immersion adventure intensive English course

AEE Bonus: How Koyo Learned to Listen Better in English

Today we have a special guest on the show! Koyo is on the podcast today. He participated in the Urban Immersion Adventure in October 2017 in Boston. Koyo saw massive improvements in his English while we was in the program. Learn just a few of… Read More