AEE Bonus: Live Recording from Tokyo Power English Weekend

Today is a very special episode! You will get to hear the voices of our students at the Tokyo Power English Weekend. During our Informal Happy Hour we performed a Live Podcast Recording. We had tons of fun! We learned 4 new phrases to start… Read More

Urban Immersion Adventure All Ears English

AEE 935: The Boston Accent with Carole

Would you like to have a chance to speak with native speakers and meet local people in Boston? Today we are talking about our Urban Immersion Adventure in Boston and New York which will be offered this summer. If you are a student in this… Read More

AEE 934: Add This Suffix to Your Statement to Sound Natural

Do you know to add the suffix -ish to the end of a word to give a general idea of something? Today we’ll talk about this and we’ll start with a couple of sample sentences. Here they are: I have to head to the airport… Read More

how to express intensity with grammar in English

AEE 932: How to Express Intensity in Your Grammar Choices

Grammar is weird. In school you probably learned all of the standard grammar forms but there are a lot of casual and spoken grammar forms that can express a specific feeling that your teachers never taught you. Today we’ll show you one grammar form to… Read More

native English immersion course Boston New York City

AEE 927: How to “Jump In and Swim” with Heidi from the Boston Adventure

Today we get to meet Heidi who is one of our native speakers in the Urban Immersion Adventure. Plus you’ll find out why when it comes to connecting, you just need to get in there and start speaking! Heidi is originally from New Jersey. She… Read More