AEE 272: How to Use “By” and “Until” in English

Do you know the difference between “by” and “until” in English? Today, learn how they’re not the same, and how to use them like a native speaker!   The words “by” and “until” are often confused.  Both deal with time, and both can send the same message. … Read More

AEE 256: Exaggerate or Understate? 3 Key Differences Between American and British English

Did you know there are differences between British and American English? Today, Lindsay talks with teacher and author Douglas Amrine about three key differences, and why these matter for you in a job interview!   Douglas has spent half his life in the United States and half… Read More

AEE 254: 3 Ways to Speak English Like a Local in “Weird” Austin, Texas

Ever thought of going to Austin, Texas? Today, Lindsay talks with Tyler Lockett from Austin about why that city is unique and “weird,” and how you can connect with locals using three phrases!   Texas is a U.S. state that’s bigger than France, and Austin… Read More

AEE 245: 5 Weird Americanisms to Never Miss a Hollywood Line in English Again

Do you have trouble understanding American speech habits? In today’s Tear Up Your Textbook Tuesday, Lindsay and Michelle discuss 5 weird ways Americans use English, and how to understand what they’re saying!   It can be frustrating to watch a Hollywood movie in English and not understand… Read More

AEE 208: Amy Gillett Shows You 3 Easy Ways to Speak English Like an American

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