AEE 154: Dance Your Way to English Success

English is not something you can buy.  You must work for English skills and your English success. In today’s episode we talk about thinking of English as part of life, not a commodity. It’s easy to purchase a certificate course for English.  But if your heart and… Read More

AEE 153: 3 False Friends Gone Bad in the Business World

Stop translating your idioms! Today we’ll be talking about some of the dangers of translating “false friends.”  These are words that sound the same between two different languages, but aren’t. We’ll also talk about translating idioms.  They can cause huge problems! Many big businesses have… Read More

AEE 140: Three Pro Tips on How to Start Your Presentation in English with Carl Kwan

Do you have to make presentations in English sometimes? Do you know how to start your presentation in English? Today you’ll find out 3 awesome tips from our guest Carl Kwan! Carl has been on our show a few times this year! He is a… Read More

AEE 113: Use These 4 English Phrases to Participate and Succeed

Today you’ll get 4 magic English phrases to help you participate and succeed! We’ll get you participating right away with these phrases! Yesterday we were talking about why you have to participate in class or a business meeting in America.     All Ears English… Read More

AEE 112: Participate or Die! How to Succeed in Class and Meetings in America

Want to know how to succeed in class and meetings in America? The key is participation! You HAVE to participate. Today we’ll tell you why Americans believe that it’s important to participate and how you can do it more often.   What can you do… Read More