AEE 232: What You MUST Know About Interviews in the United States

Do you want to get a job in the US? Today, Lindsay and our guest, Brad C. discuss what you need to know to excel at an American job interview. We’ll also find out how American job interviews are different from job interviews in your country.  … Read More

AEE 229: Tag! You’re It! How to Get Your Facts Straight in English

How do you clarify information in English? Have you ever met someone on the phone or the internet before you met them in person? Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss tag questions in English, and how they can help you confirm what you think you know, but… Read More

AEE 228: Meet Michelle, The New York Radio Girl

Do you want to start a conversation in English? Today, Lindsay introduces and talks about conversations with Michelle Kaplan, the new All Ears English co-host!   Michelle was born in Washington DC but now lives in New York City.  She’s musical, likes basketball, and has some unusual… Read More

AEE 225: Three Secrets to Getting a Job in the United States

How do you get a job in the United States? What do employers want and expect? Today, Lindsay and Kristy talk about 3 things an employer in the U.S. might look for in a job candidate!   If you’re applying for a job, it’s important to… Read More

AEE 208: Amy Gillett Shows You 3 Easy Ways to Speak English Like an American

Do you speak English like an American? Do you wish you did? Today, learn 3 ways to sound a little more like an American when you speak English!   Author and English teacher Amy Gillett believes in working to perfect your American English accent.  According… Read More