AEE 81: How to Start Your Presentation in English with 3 Phrases

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AEE 80: Do You Know How to End Your Presentation in English? Interview with Carl Kwan Part 2

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AEE 79: What Some Americans Know About Presentations That You Don’t – Interview with Carl Kwan Part 1

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AEE 75: How to Show Respect While You Argue in English

Today you’ll learn specific words and phrases for how to show respect while you argue in English. Yesterday Lindsay and her co-host argued about this question: Should you choose a career based on your passion or your strengths?       All Ears English Transcripts!… Read More

AEE 71: Meeting New People and Carrying an English Conversation

Today learn four specific phrases to confidently meet someone in English and to continue a conversation with confidence ! In today’s Teaching Tuesday, we talked about yesterday’s episode, where Lindsay met her co-host’s roommates. Lindsay used some conversational strategies that are common in American culture… Read More