AEE Episode 23: What “Ivy League University” in America Really Means

Today you will find out what “Ivy League” actually means in the world of colleges and universities in the United States. In yesterday’s episode, we talked about how to get accepted at a university in the US. Here are some phrases that you can learn… Read More

AEE Episode 19: How to Learn and Use American English Slang

Do you want to know how to learn and use American English slang terms? Find out about one website where you can look them up in today’s episode! Learn how to use these terms in today’s podcast! Get around (by car), (by bike), (on the… Read More

AEE Episode 14: 4 Phrases to Talk About Dating in American English

Today you will learn four phrases that you need to talk about dating in American English! Learn more English dating vocabulary and phrases here. Today’s phrases: “to go dutch” “the tab”/”the check”/”the bill” “to get out” “commitment”   Websites and recommendations: How About We  … Read More

AEE Episode 10: How to Express Yourself Like a Native English Speaker

In today’s episode you will learn how to express yourself like a native English speaker! Remember, to express yourself like a native English speaker you need to get over your fear of talking to native speakers. Here are the phrases that you will learn: “tongue-in-cheek”… Read More

AEE Episode 6: Four English Vocab Words to Discuss College in the US

Today is a teaching Tuesday! Today we’ll show you four English vocabulary words to discuss college in the United States. Did you listen to episode 5? In Episode 5 we debated whether or not college in the US is worth the price. You heard these… Read More