AEE 100: Top 100 Most Used Phrases in English Conversation

What are the 100 most used phrases in English conversation? Do you want to know?? In today’s 100th episode we are going to tell you what they are and how you can use them in your conversations! Today you will hear a few of the… Read More

four English phrases to talk about your personal brand

AEE 97: Four Phrases in English to Talk About Your Personal Brand

Today you’ll get four phrases in English to talk about yourself as a personal brand. Yesterday we had personal branding expert Peter Sterlacci on the show to talk about why personal branding matters for you as an English speaker. Four phrases to talk about yourself… Read More

how to end an English conversation

AEE 93: How to End an English Conversation in 5 Ways

Do you know how to end an English conversation? We’ll show you 5 ways to do it in today’s episode. Yesterday in our American role play conversation we talked about how you can know whether or not the invitation is real if someone says, “We… Read More

Understand English conversation

AEE 89: What NOT to Do if You Don’t Understand English Conversation

Today you’ll learn what NOT to say when you don’t understand what someone says to you in an English conversation. Do you ever say “what??!!” when you don’t understand or when you don’t hear someone? Stop saying it! When you say “what?!” it’s too direct… Read More

AEE 85: What Happiness Means to American Hip-Hop Artist Pharrell

In yesterday’s episode, we talked about the new song called Happy by Pharrell Williams. Today we are going to tell you exactly what he is saying in this song and what these lyrics mean! Here are the lyrics: “Because I’m happy… clap along if you… Read More