AEE 315: 5 Steps to Leaving the Perfect Voicemail in English

Do you know how to leave a great voicemail in English? Today you’ll get the 5 steps that you need to follow to leave a great voicemail. Listen to the sample role plays in today’s episode to hear what your message should sound like. Here… Read More

AEE 314: One Key Way to Sound More Natural When You Talk About What You Want in English

Do you know how to naturally talk about what you want in English? Native speakers use the verb “to want” in the past tense when we are making a request in the present tense. For example, you might call a colleague and say ” I… Read More

AEE 313: What Makes YOU Come Alive?

What makes you come alive? To “come alive” means to become energized and excited about something. Here is the question: “Each day wake up and ask yourself, what will make you feel most alive that day.” What makes you feel happier? What makes you feel… Read More

AEE 312: How to Set Up Your Voicemail in English in 5 Minutes or Less

Are you living in the US? Have you avoided setting up your voicemail in English because you aren’t sure what to say? Today we’ll show you exactly how to set it up and what to say. If you don’t have your voicemail set up and… Read More

AEE 311: How to “Sugarcoat” Your Rejections in English

When someone has a bad idea and you don’t agree or you don’t want to accept the invitation, how can you say it in English without offending the person? Today you will find out exactly how to do it. Here are some nice ways to… Read More