AEE 435: Did You Get My Email? The Gentle Nudge Method in English

What should you do if someone doesn’t reply to your email? How do you ask them if they got it and give them the “gentle nudge” in English to get them to respond? We’ll show you exactly how to do it today so that you… Read More

AEE 433: Goofing Off with Lindsay and Michelle

Things don’t always work the way we want them to. Today find out what to say in English when something stops working or when someone misbehaves. Michelle has been having problems with her headphones lately. Her headphones have been “acting up.” Gustavo, one of our… Read More

AEE 432: How to Save Your Friend from an Embarrassing Moment in English

Today find out how to save your friend from an embarrassing moment in English! Do you have trouble pronouncing people’s names in English or does your friend have that problem? Today find out how to correct them without making them feel bad in English. Here… Read More

AEE 431: Do YOU Take All Ears English For Granted?

Do you know how to use the phrase “take for granted” in English? We can use this phrase when we don’t appreciate someone or something in our lives. Listen to this role play between Lindsay and Michelle to see how we use “take for granted”… Read More