AEE 285: Why You Should Count Your Blessings in English

Today get some strategies for how to cultivate more gratitude in your life in English! Today’s quote: “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson   Vocabulary from the quote: To count your blessings: To pay attention to the… Read More

AEE 284: How to Tell a Knock- Knock Joke in English

Knock-kock jokes are super common in American culture. Today you’ll find out how to tell a joke like this and make people laugh to build great connections with English speakers in your life. These kinds of jokes are often told by kids. They are fun,… Read More

AEE 282: How to Jump Into a Conversation in English with the Confidence of a Cool Cat

Do you have difficulty jumping into conversations in English? Today, learn 6 phrases to help you enter into conversations with confidence!   Entering into a conversation with native English speakers can be difficult.  They often speak fast and might not seem to offer you a chance to speak.  Instead,… Read More

AEE 275: How to Naturally Interrupt Someone in English

Do you know how to interrupt others in English? Today, learn how interruption is a part of American speaking culture, and how you can participate!   Americans often interrupt each other.  It can appear rude, and can cause frustration, but it happens.  Don’t take it personally.  Instead, learn how… Read More

AEE 272: How to Use “By” and “Until” in English

Do you know the difference between “by” and “until” in English? Today, learn how they’re not the same, and how to use them like a native speaker!   The words “by” and “until” are often confused.  Both deal with time, and both can send the same message. … Read More