AEE 302: Why Just Speaking May NOT Be the Best Route to Fluency in English

Today we have a special guest on the show! Our guest will challenge your assumption that SPEAKING is the most important part of learning English. Julian sees learning languages as a simple, two-step process: Step 1: Learn the language that we need for our specific… Read More

AEE 298: Are You Coming or Are You Going? How to Get It Straight in English

What is the difference between “come” and “go” in English? This is a big mistake that a lot of English learners make! Are you making this mistake? Let’s stop it today. Today you’ll get a simple strategy to use when you choose between “come” and… Read More

AEE 295: How to Be Pushy Without Being Pushy in English

Today you’ll get six ways to check on someone’s progress in a non-pushy way in English! Do you ever want to get the status of someone’s progress on a project or an assignment but do you get confused about how to ask without making the… Read More

AEE 294: Don’t Be a Fool! Learn About April Fool’s Day with All Ears English

April Fool’s Day is coming up later this week. Are you ready for it? How do you celebrate April Fool’s Day in your culture? Today you’ll learn what many Americans do on April Fool’s Day and you’ll get a few new vocabulary words for this… Read More

AEE 292: How to Talk About Fashion in English

What is your fashion style? Would you like to be able to talk about fashion in English in a more sophisticated way? Today you’ll get to expand your English fashion vocabulary in this episode with Lindsay and Michelle.   Fashion Vocabulary:   1) Umbrella term=… Read More