AEE 415: Your Preposition Problems Ended with this Question Answered

Your preposition problems will be over when we answer today’s question! Well, not completely but we’ll give you a few good tips to conquer those pesky prepositions in English. Bonus! You’ll also find out how to agree with someone’s plans in English using natural English… Read More

AEE 414: How to Find Your Superpower in English Conversation and in Life

Do you want to become awesome at English conversation? Do you want to make it your superpower? Today we’ll show you how to do it. We’ll also add a bonus in today’s episode where we’ll talk about how you can identify what you’re really good… Read More

Kevin English literature tutor

AEE 413: Three Ways to Use Literature to Connect in English

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to use literature to deepen your fluency and connect with other English speakers. Practicing grammar and vocabulary are not the only ways to improve your English. Try grabbing Shakespeare or Walden! Today let’s meet Kevin. Kevin is an… Read More

AEE 412: How to Tell the World What You’re Passionate About in English

Do you know how to tell the world what you’re passionate about in English? It’s important to be able to talk about your interests and passions in order to connect with people. We’ll show you how to do it today. Why do we need passions… Read More