AEE 420: What Is the Difference Between “Things” and “Stuff” in English?

What is the difference between “things” and “stuff” in English? Flavia from Brazil asked us this great question and we are excited to answer it for our listeners! What you need to know: We don’t say “stuffs” with “s”: Stuff is already plural. It means… Read More

AEE 419: One Student’s English Sentence Corrected on the Spot

Do you make mistakes in your sentences when you write emails in English? We received an email from someone and we noticed a few key mistakes. We want to correct those mistakes now and make sure that you don’t make these mistakes yourself! Here is… Read More

AEE 418: Why Time Is “Of the Essence” When You Start a Conversation + A Special Thank You

Time, time, time! It’s such a commodity in American culture! You can’t waste people’s time in the US, especially in the large cities like Boston, New York, or Los Angeles. It’s important to let people know when you start an English conversation with them that… Read More