AEE 255: Mistake Busters in English! Deceived Versus Disappointed

What’s the difference between deceived and disappointed? Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss these two words, and how ‘false friends’ from other languages might cause trouble when translating!   False friends are words from two different languages that appear to come from the same source (and thus… Read More

AEE 253: Update Your English! 7 Ways to Sound More Natural When You Greet People in English

Does your English sound natural? Or do you sound like a textbook when you speak? Today, get 7 tricks to update your English and sound more natural by using real talk instead of textbook talk!   Speaking natural-sounding English can be difficult when you only work with… Read More

AEE 251: English Quotes About How to Make your Mark

Are you making an impact? Today, get two quotes by two famous entrepreneurs, and learn how to talk about the impact you want to make on the world in 2015!   To impact, or make a difference, doesn’t require money or a stage.  Everything you… Read More

AEE 249: You Don’t Even Know How Easy It Is to Use “Even” in English

How do you use the word ‘even’ in English? On today’s Tear-Up Your Textbook Tuesday, Lindsay and Michelle talk about four situations for using the term ‘even’, and how to use your tone of voice to make it work in an English conversation!   Can’t… Read More

AEE 248: 5 English Phrases to Declare Your New Year’s Resolutions

How do you declare a New Year’s resolution in English?  Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss five easy English phrases to use for your intentions in the new year!   Are you looking for a professional, native English teacher online? Get a native English teacher online in… Read More