AEE 213: Do Yourself a Favor – Learn Make vs. Do in English

What’s the difference between do and make in English? Do you make something, or do you do it? Today, in #3 of our Top 15 Fixes, we talk about the difficulty of distinguishing when to use these two verbs!   Many English learners have difficulty using do… Read More

AEE 210: English LingQ Founder Steve Kaufmann Talks About Why Learning Is Up to YOU

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AEE 209: Baking Many Cookies with All Ears English

Is it correct to ask how much, or how many in English? Today, in #4 of the Top 15 Fixes series, we discuss using the words ‘much’ and ‘many’ when discussing quantities!   It’s important to think of the meaning of the words much and… Read More

AEE 208: Amy Gillett Shows You 3 Easy Ways to Speak English Like an American

Do you speak English like an American? Do you wish you did? Today, learn 3 ways to sound a little more like an American when you speak English!   Author and English teacher Amy Gillett believes in working to perfect your American English accent.  According… Read More