AEE 207: How to Run Your Day the Right Way

Do you plan for your priorities? Do you run your day, or does your day run you? Today we discuss how planning your day can help you accomplish your priorities!   If you don’t decide how you’ll manage you time, someone else will. It’s simple to understand… Read More

AEE 205: How to Fix a Translation Mistake in English

How do you talk about people in English? Is the word “people” plural or singular? Today, in #5 of the Top 15 Fixes, we discuss a mistake you might be making when you translate your native language into English – and how to fix it!   In… Read More

AEE 204: 3 Tips for Learning English with an Expert English Teacher on iTalki

Would you like advice from an expert English teacher? Today, we talk with Tony from about 3 outside-the-box ways to improve your English!   Tony’s had a lot of experience learning and teaching languages. His experience has convinced him that language learning is a… Read More

AEE 203: How to Reflect Your Way to English Fluency

Do you take time to reflect on your English learning? Today we talk about how spending 15 minutes on one specific action could save you hours of work later!   Reflection is critical to growth and development. It could also save you a lot of… Read More

AEE 199: Jun from Hapa Eikaiwa Shows You How to Beat English Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to learning English? If you are, then you are not alone! Today we have an awesome guest! Today Jun from Hapa Eikaiwa is here to talk about how you can beat this problem. Do you feel like you… Read More