AEE 88: Schedule Shock in America – When to Eat, Work, and Sleep in the US

In today’s episode you will learn how to adjust to an American schedule if you are living in the US or visiting the US for business or vacation. Do you feel like the daily schedules here in the US are quite different than the typical… Read More

AEE 78: What is St. Patrick’s Day? Learn to Spot an Irish Person in Boston and New York

Today is a special Friday bonus episode! Find out what St. Patrick’s Day is and learn to spot an Irish person in Boston or New York! What should you do on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston or New York? Go to the St. Patty’s Day… Read More

AEE 68: Why Americans Are Not Correcting Your English

Do your American friends and colleagues correct your English when you make mistakes? I bet they don’t! Why is that the case? Today we talk about why Americans won’t correct you. The reason is that they don’t want to embarrass you. It’s not acceptable in… Read More

AEE 66: How NOT to Respond to an American Greeting in English

How should you answer the question “How are you?” Today you will find out how to answer this American greeting in English. Americans usually don’t expect an in-depth response or answer when we ask “how are you?” Of course, if you are close to the… Read More

AEE 60: How to Meet American Same-Sex Friends

How do you go out and meet local people in the US for friendship and not for romantic dating? If you are a woman living in the US and learning English, maybe you are tired of men hitting on you when you go out to… Read More