AEE 304: How to Know If You Have Chemistry with Someone

Today we have our dating consultant, Jessica Coyle, back on the show! Today Jessica is back to talk about the concept of chemistry in dating in urban US culture. Jessica is going to tell us how to know if we actually have chemistry with someone…. Read More

AEE 299: 4 Topics that You Should NEVER Discuss in a First English Conversation

When you meet someone for the first time in English, whether it’s a date or just a first-time meeting with a friend or colleague, there are certain topics that you should NEVER discuss. Today you’ll find out what they are with our favorite AEE dating… Read More

AEE 286: 3 Ways that Setting Intentions Can Make Your Life Abroad More Fulfilling

Are you going abroad sometime soon? Have you set an intention for your time abroad? In today’s episode Lindsay talks with Norman Viss, an expat coach who helps his clients make the most of their time abroad by setting intentions. How can setting intentions make… Read More

AEE 280: Spark the Conversation! 4 Topics to Use on a First Date in English

Are you dating in English? Today, we welcome back dating expert Jessica Coyle to give you four easy topics for conversation when dating!   Conversation can be tricky on a first date.  You might be nervous, and it can be hard to know what’s safe to talk… Read More

AEE 278: Are You Committing One of these Four American Workplace Taboos?

Are you avoiding taboos in the American workplace? Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss the top taboos to look out for in American workplace culture!   A taboo is something that is improper or unacceptable based on culture or region.  Different companies might have their own taboos,… Read More