AEE 274: Why It’s Hard to Date in a Big American City and What to Do About It

Why is dating in a big city so difficult? Today, returning guest Jessica Coyle talks about some of the obstacles, and shares 3 tips to improve your odds of success!   Jessica doesn’t consider herself a relationship expert.  However, she goes on many dates, and blogs about… Read More

AEE 264: 6 Phrases to Buy Yourself Time in English

Do you need some English phrases to slow things down? Today, Lindsay and Michelle share 6 phrases to buy you some time in a rushed, stressful situation!   Sometimes it seems like everyone’s in a hurry.  People want an abrupt answer even if you’re not ready… Read More

AEE 260: The United States of Paranoia

Are Americans paranoid? Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss why a few towns in the United States are banning a common winter activity for kids!   Most Americans live in places that get snow in the winter.  As children, they probably went sledding at least a… Read More

AEE 254: 3 Ways to Speak English Like a Local in “Weird” Austin, Texas

Ever thought of going to Austin, Texas? Today, Lindsay talks with Tyler Lockett from Austin about why that city is unique and “weird,” and how you can connect with locals using three phrases!   Texas is a U.S. state that’s bigger than France, and Austin… Read More

AEE 243: How a New York Painter Reached the Top and How You Can Too

How do you persist in learning English? Do you expect it to ever get easier? Today, learn how a New York-based painter went from poverty to riches by sticking with it, and how you can achieve success by following his example!   A New York… Read More