IELTS Energy 356: 5 Ways to Eliminate IELTS Speaking Fears

Today we help a student eliminate her IELTS Speaking fears! She has taken the exam numerous times, and is only losing confidence and growing more and more anxious about her scores. Honestly my greatest fear in IELTS is the speaking section. I’ve taken the exam… Read More

IELTS Energy 352: How to Change Yourself Into an IELTS 8

Would you like to change your IELTS score into an 8?! Of course you would! One key to increasing your IELTS Speaking and Writing scores is using native speaker vocabulary. In today’s episode, you’ll get high-scoring words and phrases to talk about the topic of change…. Read More

IELTS Energy 350: How Accent Affects Your IELTS Speaking Score

Today we answer a very interesting question about how your accent affects your IELTS Speaking score. A wonderful 3 Keys student asked this question in our closed Facebook group: I’ve been working on so-called accent reduction with italki teachers to sound more like a native…. Read More

IELTS Energy 348: How One Native Speaker Sank her IELTS Speaking Score

Do you think that native speakers always score highly on the IELTS Speaking exam? Today, you’ll get one story of a native speaker who sank her IELTS Speaking score. Apparently, she had not prepared at all for the exam; therefore, she did not know how… Read More