ielts giulianna listening 8.5

IELTS Energy 333: How Giulianna Nixed Listening Nightmares and Got an 8.5!

How did Giulianna get an 8.5 on Listening, 7 on Speaking, and 7.5 on Reading and Writing? Because she’s a 3 Keys IELTS student, of course! And, also, she worked very hard. The two scores she was most worried about were Listening and Speaking. In… Read More

IELTS Energy 332: Charismatically Capture Country and Culture Questions for a Native 9

Do you know how to impressively answer IELTS questions about your country and culture? There are always questions on the IELTS Speaking exam about your country and culture, so you need to practice discussing these topics in English, and learn impressive ways to do so…. Read More

IELTS Energy 331: 5 Mistakes that Really Ruin IELTS Reading Results

Are you not getting the results you want on the IELTS Reading exam? We’ve been doing a series on the top 5 mistakes that students make, and today we cover the Reading test. Click these links to listen to the previous shows in this series:… Read More