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Our Method

To succeed in Business English you need REAL English, formal and informal.


Real English

You learn vocabulary from more than 100 native speaker business professionals


Real Conversations

Lessons based on interviews with more than 25 native speakers who are successful in their field.


Test Your Learning

Take a quiz at the end of each module to see how well you learned

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What Success Looks Like

Echo Tsang Business English testimonial
I am very impressed by how many different topics this course covers. Even after working in a English speaking country for so many years, I still learned a lot from this course and feel more confident when talking to my coworkers in English. Thanks again AEE for putting together such a great course and three wonderful podcasts!
Echo Tsang Business English testimonial
Echo Tsang
  • Fluency
    Built new skills in vocabulary, listening, and speaking
  • Organization
    Used our 60-day study plan to organize her study time
  • Connection
    Got connected to hundreds of other students in our private Facebook group

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your course for any reason, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your course fee.

Skills You'll Build In This Course



  • Practice interview skills to get your dream job
  • Learn how to socialize in a business setting
  • Reduce mumbling on the phone with pronunciation practice
  • Build natural stress and intonation to speak clearly in an interview
  • Work with a coach to get feedback on any of the exercises
listening English business skills


  • Listen to interviews with native speaking business professionals
  • Practice listening to natives and identify main idea, details, and more
  • Do focused listening practice on the telephone with background noise
  • Learn how to listen better when the topic changes quickly in meetings
vocabulary business English


  • Get the most common English acronyms used in the business world
  • Get the 13 most common English interview questions
  • Find out the questions you should ask in an interview to impress the hiring director
  • Get natural expressions in unscripted interviews with native speakers
  • Get vocabulary and expressions to add structure and signposts to your presentation

Course Modules

Telephone English

telephone English
  • Templates for common business calls
  • Telephone listening practice
  • Pronunciation practice for better calls
  • Leaving phone messages
  • Two native speaker interviews
  • Quiz

Interviewing in English

  • 13 most common interview questions
  • Learn how to ask smart questions
  • Improve your rhythm
  • Two native speaker interviews
  • Quiz

Socializing and Small Talk in Business

  • Topic ideas to begin small talk in networking situations
  • Build listening skills for conference conversations
  • Learn how to play common corporate team building games
  • Two native speaker interviews
  • Quiz

Meetings in English

  • Learn common English acronyms used in business meetings
  • Get the most common corporate idioms
  • Learn how to plan an effective meeting in English
  • Speak more spontaneously in meetings in English
  • Get two native speaker interviews
  • Quiz

Writing in English: Emails, Chat, and More

  • Get templates to use for any type of emails
  • Get idioms and salutations for emails
  • Get 5 rules to make your emails clear
  • Practice grammar for more effective messages
  • Two native speaker interviews
  • Quiz

Presentations in English

  • Get key vocabulary to give structure to your presentation
  • Avoid common native grammar mistakes with nouns
  • Practice your presentation
  • Watch two native speaker interviews
  • Get rules for successful slides
  • Quiz

Six Skills to Succeed in a New Economy

  • Learn how to be nimble and flexible in your career for success
  • Get top tips on time management and goal setting
  • Learn how to be a better leader
  • Get a framework to find your inner genius
  • Get 12 native speaker interviews
  • Final exam

Your Teachers

Lindsay McMahon

  • Native speaker of English from the US
  • 14 years of ESL teaching experience
  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Mary Washington
  • Master's Degree, Lesley University
  • TESOL Certificate, School for International Training

Jessica Beck

  • Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics, University Southern Queensland
  • 14 years ESL teaching and training experience
  • 16 published ESL textbooks from Cengage and MacMillan
  • Native English speaker

Michelle Kaplan

  • MA TESOL The New School
  • BA Theatre University of Maryland College Park
  • ESL Instructor for 6 years
  • Native English speaker from the US

Aubrey Carter

  • BA Brigham Young University
  • MA TESOL City College of New York
  • ESL Instructor 19 years
  • Native English speaker from the US

What Our Students Say

"I love the way you guys making the all ears English program!! Keep going!! I started 2 weeks ago and listened all the programs! In the train, while I was running, on the seat, etc… It is a fine and easy way to start somewhere and I like the positivity! You go girls!!"

Carla, Netherlands

Carla, Netherlands

  • L -
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  • Overall 3
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  • L 1
  • R 3
  • Overall 9

Hello Girls ! I am really glad to hear you everyday in the morning when i going to the work. Yours conversation are very funny and simple to hear. Chiefly know about a conversation of native persons…..what phrases are right and which one are out. I am very greatful for your friendly podcast and how you make my learning of english become easier. Regards from Chile!!!!

Constanza, Chile

Constanza, Chile

I thought that the course would be about business only and how to make professional emails and calls, but In fact the course is totally different. It’s a combination between business and real life, what we learned from the course is applicable in real life. I’m so glad because I joined the Business English course and I recommend it for anyone who wants to develop his/her language.

Musab Althobaiti

Musab Althobaiti

  • L8
  • R10
  • W9
  • S8
  • Overall1
  • AFTER   
  • L6
  • R7
  • W8
  • S9
  • Overall10

"Hi, Ladies, I have listened your podcast for a week which really gives me a motivation to learn English more seriously. Your advice is very useful, especially listening your podcast when I wake up every morning. Looking forward to your updates. Thanks"

Muscle Chan

Muscle Chan

"You go girls !! Congratulations on your podcasts, great job ! a wonderful creative approach to ESL. I’m a new subscriber and can’t wait to hear new posts. I’ll stay tuned. Warmest regards"

Marie, France

Marie, France

“I cannot stop smiling whenever I listen not only ultimately joyful and but also totally inspiring episodes of your great work. I thank you from all my heart for your priceless contribution to our english learning ultra-marathon. You kill the pain during the process of learning and make learning delightful. Warmest Regards.”



I play your podcast every single morning and I enjoy it so much because you are such an inspiration to me. You kind of changed my life. You are expanding my English knowledge abilities in a way that I couldn't imagine.

Sarah Aziziyan

Sarah Aziziyan

All plans include 180 days of online access to the course.

Basic Plan
one-time payment
Daily study plan (choose 30 or 60 day plan)
76 lessons (video, audio, exercises, quizzes)
Interviews with 25 native speaker business professionals
20 hours of video lesson content
Transcripts for every native interview
Telephone and email templates
Improve all 4 skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
Facebook group membership
Personalized coaching: 3 live lessons (30 min. each)

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your course for any reason, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your course fee.

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