IELTS Energy 889: Don’t Be Wishy Washy for IELTS Band 9

Today you’ll learn vocabulary for impartiality. We’ll discuss how to talk about people who don’t take a side on important issues. A student in our Facebook group posted the following question: I speak Spanish and I don’t know how to translate a few expressions in… Read More

IELTS Energy 888: When your Task Response Score Self Destructs in IELTS Writing

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IELTS Energy 887: Hit your IELTS Goals with Today’s Speaking Part 2 Answers

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IELTS Energy 886: Regardless of When You’re Taking IELTS, you Need this Band 9 Vocabulary

It is common for students to mix up “regarding” and “regardless.” Today we teach you how to use these correctly. We also give you other high scoring vocabulary related to the word “regard.” This high level vocabulary can get you the score you need on… Read More