AEE 1392: The Mother of All Episodes On How to Make Something Big in English

Have you ever heard somebody say that something is the “mother of all ______” in English? This is a phrase that may sound a bit confusing if you are not a native speaker. This is a word and phrase that is all about expressing extremes…. Read More

AEE Bonus: Why Today Is Happening: A Timeline

What’s happening on the streets now? What are all of the events in the news based on? There is so much history that has contributed to where we are today. You have to look at these events to truly understand what brought us to this… Read More

AEE 1391: Can Accents Be Hallucinated? Carrie Gillon from Vocal Fries Lets Us Know

Have you ever heard of accent hallucination? Have you ever assumed that somebody was from a certain part of the world based on how they looked? We have all made assumptions about people, and this includes the type of accent that they have. We are… Read More

AEE 1390: How to Alert Someone When You Have News That Will Surprise Them in English

Has somebody ever told you to “brace yourself” in English? Is this a phrase that feels a bit confusing to you? When it comes to a phrase such as this it’s all about preparing your listener for something you are about to say. We’re going… Read More

AEE 1393: Why Does Police Brutality Happen in the United States

Have you heard a lot about police brutality in the news lately? In this second episode on civil rights, we’re looking at police brutality. We’re talking about how it happens and what we can do to stop it. There have been a lot of protests… Read More