AEE Episode 5: Is College in the US Worth the Price?

Today we ask the question: Is college in the United States worth the price? In this episode Lindsay and her co-host will give their perspectives on this question. How can you reduce your tuition at a US college? In this episode Lindsay’s co-host talks about… Read More

AEE Episode 4: How to Forget About Your English Mistakes

Do you know how to forget about your English mistakes to keep learning as quickly as you can? In this episode you will: Find out how to stay inspired with your learning and forget about making mistakes in today’s episode. Quote: “One language sets you… Read More

AEE Episode 3: When Should You Study English?

Hi everyone! When should you study English? Do you know the time of day to study? In this episode you will: Learn the best time of the day to study English When should you study English? Study in the morning. Why? Your willpower will be… Read More

AEE Episode 2: Interviewing in the United States

Are you interviewing in the United States in the future? Today you will learn: How to answer the most common interview question in the United States Key phrases To fill out: To complete an application. Example: “Please fill out this application if you are interested… Read More

AEE Episode 1: Meet Your English Teachers

Welcome to the All Ears English Podcast! It’s a meeting Monday! Today you’ll meet your English teachers. We are so excited to have you here on the All Ears English Podcast! We will be creating new podcast episodes for you every week. We want to… Read More