AEE 145: A Big “Yes/No” Mistake You’re Making in English and How to Fix it

You are making a big mistake! It’s time to stop and fix this common error with “yes/no” questions. Today you’ll hear a real conversation between Lindsay and her co-host where they use “yes/no” questions and answers and you’ll see how to do it right in… Read More

AEE 144: Copy a Celebrity for English Success

What’s your English character? Today Josh Plotkin from Brazilian Gringo is going to show you how copying a celebrity and creating an English character can help you improve your English. You’ll also learn how to learn more about the culture as well as the language… Read More

AEE 143: How to NOT Be Alone on Independence Day in the US

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! Yay! Today you’ll learn how to respond to a typical Fourth of July invitation and you’ll find out what most Americans usually do on the Fourth of July. What is special about July 4, 1776? It was the day… Read More

AEE 142: Skype Me, Maybe? Top 3 Don’ts for Meeting English Speakers Online

Today you’ll learn about 3 mistakes that you are making that might be killing your connections with native English speakers before they even start! In this episode you will hear a role play between Lindsay and her co-host where they have a misunderstanding when it… Read More

AEE 141: Four Phrases to Politely End a Conversation in English

Today you’ll hear a conversation between the AEE co-hosts where Lindsay tries politely escape the boredom of looking at her co-host’s vacation photos. Learn how to politely end a boring conversation in English today! Here are some phrases that you should NOT use: “Ok bye.”… Read More