AEE Episode 15: How to Bring Native English Speakers to You

Learn how to bring native English speakers to you! Today is a Wisdom Wednesday! Here’s the tip: Try wearing something “off the wall” or strange to get people to talk to you. You could also wear a t-shirt from your favorite sports team! This is… Read More

AEE Episode 14: 4 Phrases to Talk About Dating in American English

Today you will learn four phrases that you need to talk about dating in American English! Learn more English dating vocabulary and phrases here. Today’s phrases: “to go dutch” “the tab”/”the check”/”the bill” “to get out” “commitment”   Websites and recommendations: How About We  … Read More

AEE Episode 13: How to Date in America

Learn how to date in America and in American culture today in our Meeting Monday! In today’s episode you will learn how to date Americans or how to date American style with confidence! We are going to answer your questions about dating in American culture… Read More

AEE Episode 12: What Einstein Can Teach You About Learning English

Today is a Deep Thoughts Thursday! Thanks for joining us! What can Einstein teach you about learning English? Here is Einstein’s quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Einstein When you study English, you should try to make mistakes!… Read More

AEE Episode 11: How to Quickly Expand your English Vocabulary

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday! Do you want to expand your English vocabulary?? Today you will learn some tricks that Lindsay and her co-host have used to expand their vocabularies in other languages. Learn what you can do to quickly expand your English vocabulary and speak… Read More