AEE 1267: All Cities Have a Soul

Have you ever thought of words you could use to describe cities that you love? Have you ever used descriptive words about certain cities in English? People love to talk about cities that they have visited and lived. We’re going to talk about some of… Read More

how to say the main point, use word essentially

AEE 1266: One Essential Word to Boil It Down in English

Have you heard people use the word “essentially” in English? Is this one of those words that you think you know the meaning of but feel a bit unsure? This is a very common word to use in English conversation, and so understanding its meaning… Read More

AEE 1265: 4 Steps to Enlightened English Reading

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AEE 1264: Millions and Billions of Ways to Learn Numbers in English

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AEE 1263: Is Work a Place to Be Fulfilled or Just Earn a Paycheck?

Is work your passion? Are you happy with your job or do you always feel like you have to keep trying harder? If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere or as if you can’t ever reach your goals, you are not alone. We’re going… Read More