AEE 1331: Be The Person Who Speaks Off the Cuff

Are you good at doing things off the cuff? Do you like to stand up and speak in English spontaneously? Have you heard people use “off the cuff” in English conversation? This is a phrase that speaks to acting quickly, and often without any thought… Read More

AEE 1330: Be Assertive for More Success at Work with Global Business Coach Peter Yawitz

Are you involved in the global business world? Do you need to communicate daily with colleagues from a different culture? Do you ever worry that you’re not understanding things correctly in English? Today we’re going to look at how to communicate more effectively in your… Read More

AEE 1329: Don’t Be Allergic to Today’s English Vocabulary

Do you have a gluten intolerance or any dietary restrictions? Do you hear friends or family talking about food allergies? Chances are that you have heard people talk about food issues, and this is because it has become such a common topic of conversation. We’re… Read More

AEE 1328: Can’t Bear Spelling Mistakes?

Have you heard somebody say that they “built something with their bare hands?” Have you also heard somebody say they “can’t bear it” in conversation? These two words are very different in their meaning, but they can be confusing as they sound the same. We’re… Read More

AEE 1327: How to Vent in English

Do you like to vent a lot when you have problems? Are you good at expressing your frustration in English? Do you hear people talking about venting a lot in English? There are so many different thoughts about venting, and we’re going to look at… Read More