Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today you’ll hear from Pablo, who passed IELTS with flying colors!

He is now moving to Canada to further his architectural studies.

He’ll share the strategies that led to success after taking the IELTS exam only once!

This episode can help you stay motivated!

Stay focused on your goals and dreams.

What will your life look like after IELTS?

For all the strategies you need to get there, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS!

Pablo has exciting news!

His wife just received her Canadian visa with a working permit.

They had been in limbo due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are booking flights and getting ready to move.

Pablo is an architect and feels the need to further his knowledge in civil engineering.

He is excited to study in Canada to reach his professional goals.

What was his IELTS experience?

He only had to take the exam one time!

He signed up for 3 Keys IELTS right away and followed our study system.

He was able to avoid the expense of taking the exam multiple times!

Additionally, he avoided the time that can be wasted by taking it over and over.

He studied for almost a year and set clear goals.

The study plan helped him know exactly what to do every day.

Can you prepare for IELTS in just 2 weeks?

IELTS is a difficult, complicated exam.

You need to devote time.

Depending on your language level, you need at least 30-60 days.

We provide a study plan and allow students to choose either a 30-day or 60-day study plan.

What were Pablo’s scores?

  • Listening: 8.5
  • Reading: 7
  • Speaking: 7
  • Writing: 6
  • Overall: 7

He worked on improving scores for all sections.

His extremely high Listening score pulled up his overall.

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What strategies does he recommend?

He feels like the entire package of 3 Keys IELTS was incredibly beneficial.

Every module was helpful and useful.

He also signed up for personal coach classes.

These made it very clear what he needed to work on.

He strongly recommends them because you need expert advice.

You need help from someone who understands what you need to focus on.

Who needs 1-on-1 IELTS classes?

Some students are able to take 3 Keys IELTS and pass the exam with no additional help.

For others, based on language level and experience, expert advice might be needed.

Pablo knew that his listening was good and he felt his reading skills were ok.

He knew that his writing would be a problem.

He realized that he needed feedback to confirm his skill level and find out what his essays were scoring.

Being able to talk to a member of our team and learn from them was motivating.

He felt confident knowing he had received tutoring from an IELTS expert.

What was test day like?

It’s a whole day of tests!

The experience is incredibly grueling.

At the end, he was totally drained.

He can’t imagine how difficult it would’ve been if he had gone in without motivation.

He had received positive feedback from our team and was confident he would do well.

That helped bolster him and ensure success on test day.

How is Pablo feeling now?

He took the exam in 2019, but then faced travel restrictions due to Covid.

He is very excited to be able to finally move to Canada.

However, he now feels overwhelmed with paperwork and details.

He also will have to quarantine once he gets to Canada.

He knows he’ll be able to finally relax once he’s in Canada, and he can’t wait!

Don’t rush your preparation

Pablo’s advice is to take your time when preparing for IELTS.

Be wise about the time you spend studying.

Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel pressured and anxious.

Additionally, be systematic.

Sign up for a study system such as 3 Keys IELTS.

This will help you stay organized and prepare you for success!


You, like Pablo, could soon be past IELTS and moving on with your goals and dreams!

Use this episode to motivate you!

Ideally, you want to take the IELTS exam just once.

In order to do this, you need strategies.

You may also need 1-on-1 personal coach classes with an IELTS expert.

These allow you to receive personalized feedback so you know what to work on!

For the support you need, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS today.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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