English shyness strength

AEE 1474: How To Improve Your Internal Monologue and Turn Shyness Into A Strength

Have you ever felt shy in a situation where it may have held you back? Are you somebody that feels that being shy has held you back from things in life? We may all feel shy at certain points in time, but it’s all about… Read More


AEE 1473: Tina’s Tips For Nailing Job Interviews

Do you have a job interview coming up for that you want to do well in? Do you feel unsure of how to prepare for an interview, especially when it comes to providing all of your answers in proper English? If you have felt unsure… Read More

IELTS brainstorm

IELTS Energy 956: 3 Brainstorm Challenges For Tough IELTS Ideas

How important is it to brainstorm IELTS Speaking and Writing topics? It’s absolutely crucial! Listen today for 3 examples. We’ll also provide ideas on how to find and practice IELTS topics. There are many “hot topics” that IELTS recycles. You need to have ideas and… Read More

personification in English

AEE 1472: This Episode Is Calling Your Name–Personification In English

Have you ever heard somebody use a personification in English? Think back and ask yourself if you have ever heard somebody refer to something that is an inanimate object as a person? When you give some sort of personal characteristics to an object, that is… Read More