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IELTS Energy 955: Why Does IELTS Only Give You Overall Band Scores?

Why does IELTS not provide you with individual criteria scores? Listen today for our theories. We’ll also share a detailed breakdown of the IELTS Writing scoring system. This way you’ll know exactly what the Examiner is looking for. Send us your IELTS questions at…. Read More

Jamila Ball Language Justice

AEE 1471: How You Can Help Create Language Justice With Jamila Ball

What is language justice? What is being done to break down barriers and create multilingual communities? Today we have Jamila Ball, from Jamii Linguists, on our show to tell you how you can get involved with the language justice movement. We have been doing a… Read More

IELTS grammar

AEE 1470: Shape Up Your English

Have you heard people talk about shapes in English? Do you feel as if shapes find a way into conversation more than you might realize? Today we’re talking about shapes, and the way in which we talk about them in conversation. You will find that… Read More

IELTS Speaking part 3

IELTS Video: Part 3 Answers with Virtually Astonishing Vocabulary

You are virtually guaranteed to use the word “almost” on the IELTS exam! In today’s video, you’ll learn high level parallels and idioms with the same meaning. Substitute these instead of “almost” in both IELTS Speaking and Writing. This will boost your Vocabulary score to… Read More