Benjamin Dent Hallo TV

AEE 1564: Interview with Benjamin Dent from Hallo

Do you consider yourself to be a social person? Alternatively do you find it hard to be social, particularly when you are in a new country? Do you ever struggle to make new friends or find people to practice your English with? Today we are… Read More

fast English conversation listening skills native cars on highway

AEE 1563: Fast English Listening Skills: How to Understand the “Why”

Have you ever been a part of a conversation in English where somebody shared their experiences? Have you heard people express their opinion on something and then explain why they felt the way that they did about it? Today we’re looking at how you can… Read More

English natural expressions screams woman in street yelling

AEE 1562: This Episode Screams Natural English!

Have you ever heard somebody used the word “screams” in an unusual context in English? A good example could be if Michelle were to say something to Lindsay like “I love your hair. It screams Julia Roberts!” We’re going to look at what this means… Read More


AEE 1561: Interview with Neil Edgeller From BBC Learning English

Have you ever watched or read the news to get up to speed on current events? Have you ever thought of the news as a viable way of learning English and applying it to your everyday conversations? Today we have Neil Edgeller From BBC Learning… Read More

IELTS Writing Task 2 vocabulary video with Aubrey-1

IELTS Video: Utilize this Writing Task 2 Vocabulary

For a 7 or higher on Vocabulary, you must use high level words! These are words that are less common and more impressive. You will definitely need to learn high level verbs! In order to avoid repeating a verb, you need to know parallels and… Read More