IELTS Energy 1060: 3 Keys IELTS Students Model Speaking Practice

Today, Sondos and George join us on the podcast! They will model IELTS Speaking practice with a partner. Listen to their sample answers and feedback. This will help you know how to study with a friend. Your study partner does not have to be a… Read More

AEE 1607 - How to Start Your Answer with Confidence and Personality in English Silhouette of Man with Arms on Waist

AEE 1607: How to Start Your Answer with Confidence and Personality in English

Have you ever wanted to show great emphasis in your conversations in English? Do you ever want to say more than just “yes” in response to something that somebody has asked you about? Today we are looking at how to do just that–how to express… Read More


IELTS Energy 1056: How IELTS Propelled Pablo to Success

Today you’ll hear from Pablo, who passed IELTS with flying colors! He is now moving to Canada to further his architectural studies. He’ll share the strategies that led to success after taking the IELTS exam only once! This episode can help you stay motivated! Stay… Read More

AEE 1604 - How to Take the Reins in an English Conversation Dashboard of Airplane

AEE 1604: How to Take Control in an English Conversation

Have you ever heard somebody jump in during a conversation in English? Have you often wondered when it’s the right time to offer what you have to say during a group conversation? This is something that happens often, and so you want to know how… Read More

IELTS Energy 1053 - Can This Ruin Your IELTS Part 3 Speaking Score Don't Panic Written on Toilet Paper Roll

IELTS Energy 1053: Can This Ruin Your IELTS Part 3 Speaking Score?

One of our listeners shared an experience on her IELTS Speaking exam which threw her off. She wanted our expert advice about this situation. One thing about IELTS is no matter how hard you prepare, if you don’t understand what to expect from the Examiner,… Read More