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AEE 1566: How to Talk About Makeup and Beauty Across Cultures in English

Do you use a lot of cosmetics? Do you hear people talking about cosmetics a lot in English? What are cosmetics anyhow? They are basically something that you put on your face or use as part of your skin care regimen, and they are a… Read More

english native expression in your blood vials at lab

AEE 1565: English Vocabulary – Expressions with “Blood”

Do you get grossed out by blood? Do you faint with blood tests or the sight of blood? Today we are talking about blood, but here we are focusing on the many different expressions that use the word in them. Though these may not have… Read More

IELTS Speaking part 3 sample answers about the news woman reading newspaper

IELTS Video: Sample Part 3 Answers About the News

A common IELTS topic is news media. You might be asked how often you read the news or where you find your news. It is absolutely vital that you are ready to chat about reading or watching the news. In today’s video, you hear band… Read More

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AEE Bonus: This Webclass Makes You a Native

Today Jessica and Aubrey come to All Ears English to invite you to an upcoming webclass: 3 Things Native Do That You Don’t. Sign up and grab your spot for the webclass: In this webclass, Jessica and Lindsay will be hosting live! You’ll learn… Read More

IELTS Speaking vocabulary public transport person on train platform

IELTS Energy 1025: Examiners Love These Public Transport Answers

Do you use public transportation? Bus Subway Trains You may be asked about public transit on IELTS, so you need to be ready! Today you’ll hear sample Part 2 and Part 3 answers for IELTS Speaking questions about public transportation. This is a common IELTS… Read More