AEE 1587 - Never Ever Go Shoe Shopping with Michelle poster that says Never Ever

AEE 1587: Never Versus Ever in English

Have you used “never” and “ever” often in your conversations in English? How and when do we use “never” and “ever” and can you use them in the same question? We’ll get into this today so that you understand how this works and when to… Read More

IELTS Energy 1041 - Be a Wordaholic on IELTS Speaking person writing and computer

IELTS Energy 1041: How to Use “-aholic” and “Quasi-” on IELTS Speaking

Who knew that prefixes and suffixes could help you out on IELTS? Today you will learn to use the suffix “-aholic” and the prefix “quasi-” to boost your scores. This helps make your vocabulary incredibly flexible and native! These are a great way to add… Read More

Don't Do It By Yourself - Learn Today with Lindsay and Michelle DIY

AEE 1584: English Prepositions Lesson: Do It By Yourself Versus Do It Yourself

Do you handle tasks by yourself or do you get somebody to do them for you? If you own a home, are you somebody who likes Do It Yourself type of projects? Today we’re looking at different ways to talk about doing something yourself or… Read More

Fillers Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Oh My Look Up

IELTS Energy 1038: Fillers, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms on IELTS

Today you’ll learn 5 phrases that buy you time. You can’t be quiet on the Speaking exam! These help you avoid pauses and hesitation. Filler phrases and linking phrases have meaning. You have to use them in the correct context. We’ll share the context and… Read More

ThingamajigsThat Increase IELTS Speaking Scores

IELTS Energy 1035: Thingamajigs That Increase IELTS Speaking Scores

You may get an IELTS Speaking question that requires highly specialized vocabulary. There’s a chance you’ll need a name for something and you just don’t know it. Alternatively, you may just not be able to think of it! You need strategies in order to answer… Read More